Wings and Bullet Shindig

...So I did not know you can use wings while using Bullet shindig..this made training that much more convenient (in clock tower), and adds that extra bit of functionality to it... Am I literally the last one to find out about this.. haha I figured it would be flash jump only.(seeing as how downward jump doesn't work with it) Guess I never bothered to try with it. T_T

January 15, 2017

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Lol I tried using it with wings the first day because I was reminded from Ursus that wings is a movement skill. Sadly, glide doesn't work; it's probably being interrupted by the attack and wing glide is already so finnicky anyways.

P.s. I'm so relieved they got rid of the atrocity that is "bullet shindig " and replaced it with barrage. Best decision ever.

Reply January 21, 2017

Pretty great they let us use any mobility skill with it. Did anyone else try to activate the glide?

Reply January 16, 2017