Cant Choose Blue Hair

So I got Rondo hair from the new all star hair coupon, wanted to make it blue, however when I bought the dye coupon the blue dye was not a choice? I went to eldenstein and it was the same, is there specific town in which you can or is it all the same? Does rondo hair even have the choice to get blue in game, ( I was using a simulator and i liked the blue option) so yeah just wondering Thank all.

March 19, 2015

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it's being fixed in the maint. tommorow

Reply March 19, 2015

@vvtfark I will try this
@VMAs Hmm i see i did use it once i guess i am having the same issue
@IHurtzLotz Oh really? i didnt know that at all o_o i tried searching up see if i was the only one, but nothing pertaining this particular issue welp, if they know hopefully soon
@LittleTLK Gotcha I see it thanks for the help

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Known issue. If you've used a mixed hair dye coupon, you can't use a VIP hair dye coupon properly.
It'll be fixed with this patch tomorrow.

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its a problem that is already been addressed...nexon will fix

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I'm having the problem that because my hair was dyed using the hair dye coupon and it has a tint of blue, it's not letting me dye my hair blue either. Maybe you're having the same problem?

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Try going to Kerning Square.

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