Long absence from playing GMS for over 5 years

I haven't been on this site for years. I am curious, how has GMS changed then? I remember playing a Xenon as my avatar icon shows.

Is it worth playing GMS again? Or should I just move on from this nostalgic game?

July 11, 2020

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I want to go back to play, but it been way too long. played '06 then quit in 2015. Don't want to download the huge game again.

Reply July 30, 2020

I still recommend giving New Maplestory a shot if you have prior experience with the title. It's extremely difficult to break into if you're completely new to the game though.

Reply July 21, 2020 - edited

Like azu says, there a small but solid fan base that remains loyal.

Reply July 17, 2020 - edited

Depends really. Some people still lurk here, but not many.

Reply July 15, 2020 - edited

@azureduran: Almost 5 years. So Basilmarket died down, hasn't it?

Reply July 14, 2020 - edited

That is up to you to decide. MS2 died and yet MS is still chugging along. Also how long ago did you play?

Reply July 14, 2020 - edited