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Keep or change my Inner Ability? Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the effort of turning to this thread! Since the Unleashed update is right around the corner, I decided to make sure I get decent Inner Abilities before that system is changed. So after getting level 30 Honor, wanted to get 60 but its not doable in the time that's left, I tried to get decent Abilities and I managed to get the following: +4% Crit rate +43% Magic Defense changed into Damage My range has been increased considerably by getting this Inner Ability, personally, I am thinking this is pretty good! But I've heard stories of people wanting 'certain' abilities. My memory has failed me which has left me to guess which ones they wanted. Anyhow, I'd like your opinion on thi


Hackers getting out of hand. D; Please forgive me if this is the wrong section. D: Anywho, Today I decided to finally train my BW at Jesters and make him level 80. :D But, as everyone knows who is active at the moment, D,C hackers are running lose and duping is still done... Its hard to see how Nexon can't see these things happening, the moment when more than 10 shoes of the exact same stats, but different potential, should ring a bell doesnt it?;o Also, noticing how the famed Channel 1 Free Market being ghosttown-like empty, also is very suspicious. ;o Today, I even encountered a guy at Jesters, by the IGN of WarriorMach, hacking. (If you see him, do not trust him. Heck, report him if you catch him, which may be very hard to do because he

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Big Bang in Mid-air? Heey everyone, I've seen many, many threads and comments about the skill Big Bang. These comments/threads were about how annoying it is to have Big Bang cancel when you are in mid-air. (When you are knockbacked by monsters and at the same time try to cast Big Bang.) This problem seems to be solved by the Jump! Patch! :O I found a video of a Bishop casting Big Bang in Mid-air, though I'm sorry to say that I have not used Basilmarket as an auction site, so I can not post any links. But to counter this, I'll give you guys the title of the video and you will be able to find it rather quickly. The title is: kMST 1.2.378 Jump! for Magicians - Big Bang The video itself is only 10 seconds long, but the bishops shown in the vide