How many times did it take you to pass your driving test?

Just failed my first try earlier today, feeling pretty depressed about it

May 1, 2013

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I got it on my first try. It was pretty easy.

Reply November 15, 2014

I failed mine about two weeks ago I was very unlucky that day lol. The whole time I've been practicing with my permit, I've been using a 2010 Toyota Camry and 2 days before the test my friend told me I can't use that car because it doesn't have a hand brake in the middle. So two days before the test I switch to my dads car which has the hand brake in the middle. Practicing went well and I was confident going into the test until the driving instructor said I couldn't take the test because the windshield had a tiny crack. He said it was "unsafe"...SO I immediately drove to my uncles house to get his car and use that for the test but he was out and all that was left was my aunts big truck. I wasn't used to the size of the thing so I ran over the curb during the parallel parking lmao.

Reply May 8, 2013

Nailed on the third try. The RTD guys in my country are apparently too money hungry that you actually have to give them "pocket money" just for you to pass or they will just fail you whenever you made a tiny mistake and sometimes the reason is just outright ridiculous. The worst experience of the 2 fails involves a nervous me, driving in a slightly wavy pattern, but I didn't cross either side of the lane. Then, poof, the invigilator failed me for "posing a safety hazard to other road users".

Not sure if basil allows these to be spoken out.

Reply May 3, 2013

Passed on the first try, got 5 points deducted from wide right turn

Reply May 3, 2013

Once, I was 16 when I got my license but I had a professional teacher.

Reply May 3, 2013

Failed first time because my mom taught me how to drive incorrectly... Fixed that second time and passed.

Reply May 3, 2013

Well the written test is really easy lol, got like 96% on that or something.

Reply May 3, 2013

once but I got really lucky

Reply May 3, 2013

I only took it once. But i was close to failing with 2 strikes.

Reply May 3, 2013

I got it on my second try. First try had a very strict instructor and I must've gotten nervous, so I made a pretty bad mistake and she failed me

Second try I did it on local roads I was familiar with, and had a cool instructor. Did really well

Tip: take a morning drive test. Less cars on the road

Reply May 3, 2013

Written test - once
Driving test - still gotta wait a year to do that

Reply May 3, 2013

Passed both written and road on first attempt, but the guy I drove with was on the last day of his job or something and didn't even bother with parallel parking or anything. Gave me a perfect score.

Reply May 3, 2013

Passed both written and road on the first try.

Reply May 3, 2013

I passed both the written test and the behind-the-wheel test on the first attempt.

Reply May 3, 2013

Passed on the first attempt just "KEEP CALM AND DRIVE SMOOTHLY AND CAUTIOUSLY". Remember to be observe the area often.

Reply May 3, 2013

Passed on the first attempt. A good thing too, I remember the crowd of people waiting to take the test that day was enormous and my name was thankfully second on the list. Might not have been so lucky if I had to take the test another time. That waiting would have killed me.

Reply May 3, 2013

Passed written and driving test all in one stop

Reply May 2, 2013

I made it on the first try

Reply May 2, 2013

I failed it twice. The third time, the guy sat down in my car and said "you're going to pass this today". We drove around the block, I perfected my parallel park, and he gave me 2 points just because. Whatever, at least I got it.

Reply May 2, 2013

Passed it first try...then got a speeding ticket couple months later. Woo FML o.o

Reply May 2, 2013

[b]Written test:[/b] 2 wrong on my permit test (pass), 1 wrong for my license test (pass).
[b]Driving test:[/b] Nothing wrong (although the tester did mention that I had a tendency to drive with one hand instead of two, but didn't mark me down for it), obviously passed.

So... first try.

Reply May 2, 2013

[quote=RugbyBall]I auto-failed the driving test twice; once was from not looking back to merge into the bike lane to make a right turn and the other one...I forgot.

However I've never been in any accidents nor have I damaged any of the cars I've driven in all 6 years of driving. I think I'm doing pretty good...[/quote]

Have you got any tickets/traffic violations? I've gotten two since I started driving. I got my license in October of 2012. My first violated was a red light traffic camera (those darned things) in November. And my second one was back in March for speeding. Going 78 mph in a 65 zone. On a side note, the CHP officer was extremely nice about it. Even gave me advice of when not to pull over, in the case of an impersonator.

Reply May 2, 2013

Don't worry about failing once, or even twice. I failed my first time as well, even though I did everything correct; that is, until I had to reverse. I had no idea how to reverse. It's a really easy maneuver when I think back on it. But when I took my test I kept reversing onto the sidewalk/into the middle of the street. It was laughable.

Reply May 2, 2013

[quote=zoneflare2]what parts did you fail?[/quote]

Umm.. it was my fault completely. I was really nervous. I was turning left across three lanes of traffic into a street that had nothing indicating where the middle of the road is, I saw that cars were parked along the right side of the street and I over-compensated and ended up going over the "middle line" slightly. There were no other cars around that were driving, but my instructor grabbed the steering wheel and yelled at me to stay in my own lane. ._.

It wasn't as if I was completely in the other lane, and I know that if I had seen another car in the other lane I wouldn't have gone quite so close to the middle.

Luckily for me though this happened literally two minutes in to the test and after i did that we both knew I'd failed and she didn't make me do the rest of the test ._.

Reply May 2, 2013

....No comment. BWUAHAHAHAHAHA

Reply May 2, 2013

[quote=richboyliang]I'm 18 (teen driver) AND asian and passed (8 total mistakes) on my first try, less than 2 months after getting permit (4 wrong). But maybe it's because California doesn't test parallel parking or freeways.[/quote]

My girlfriend drove a portion of the I-5 and I had to parallel park on my test...

In 2011 that is.

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once scored 17 our of 20

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[quote=iDrinkOJ]twice. i still can't parallel park or regular park. i'm a speed demon on the freeway though. fail the first time cuz the instructor was a woman.[/quote]

If you can't park or parallel park the problem wasn't that the instructor was a woman... but that you are a woman.

OT 1 try because I am a man and know how to drive.

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[quote=NekoChan]Wow, how many hours did you have when you finished? Your experience makes the test sounds easy, just a simple drive around with no tricky executions or such; asides from parking. If that's all it is I could of gotten my license when I had about 20hours rather than waiting to take it at 40hours; right now I got about 30, dad wants me to take it after another 10 hours of driving practice.[/quote]

I believe I had around 24 hours of actual driving experience before I finally passed. The test itself is a simple drive if you know all the rules and how those instructors grade. Parking was a hassle, but I managed. I actually spent the most time practicing parking than anything else.

In any case, I was 18 so I didn't have to go to that x hours limit.

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I'm 18 (teen driver) AND asian and passed (8 total mistakes) on my first try, less than 2 months after getting permit (4 wrong). But maybe it's because California doesn't test parallel parking or freeways.

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I'm taking mine in two weeks... Pretty nervous actually. o.o

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Haven't even taken the written yet.

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Passed on my fourth try, lol

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once. my friends failed when they got a middle-aged woman. luckily, i got a younger lady who barely passed me aha. i was one point off from failing.

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I failed twice and passed on my third attempt.

My first attempt was a failure because I was more so focusing on finals as opposed to driving. I managed to get tested with barely 3 hours of practice driving under my belt.

My second attempt was better. I had 2 weeks of practice which was closer to 14 hours. I felt I was ready, but the instructor I had was labeled "The Terminator" and is famous for being overly critical with the highest failure rate. Very bad for me. On the plus side, I would have passed with about 4 errors, but the instructor told me to turn right. As I turned right, someone was about to U-Turn, so I was failed on the spot for following his instructions. What makes matters even worse is that he turned on the emergency brakes and yelled at my face. Blegh. Horrible.

My third attempt went perfectly fine. It was a lot like my second attempt without that trick instruction or yelling. I passed with flying colors with only 1 error.

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My freind took 3 tries

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once lol it was close though

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twice on written
once on driving

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Only one try, but I had a lot of experience beforehand

Don't feel bad! It's completely normal for it to take a couple of tries. It's mostly about feeling comfortable behind the wheel. Once you get that down, most of the traffic laws come pretty naturally. The only thing that really made me nervous as I was doing it was the 3-point turn...

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16, I'm taking the class in school at the moment.
I'm not worried about the written test, I like small picky stupid rules, like grammar.
Oh ho ho ho, I hope I don't mess up the actual driving test though.

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Took me only one try, but I went to place that was well known for being very easy to pass at.

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Don't feel too bad. A lot of people end up failing their first time.
I sure as hell did. Got it on my second try though.

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I passed it ONLY once haha

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Driving test- once

written test- once

well..for my brother..

I passed the written test in only 1 try.

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twice. i still can't parallel park or regular park. i'm a speed demon on the freeway though. fail the first time cuz the instructor was a woman.

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[quote=eean]1, because I specifically went to a place in another town that allowed more "moves" or w/e for the parallel parking part[/quote]
This is why I love Nova Scotia license system. I didn't have to parallel park at all for my road test.

OT: I've never failed a written test or road test. I had my beginners for like 3 years cause I was too lazy to book a road test though.

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Written test - 3 Times
Driving test first time because I took driving lessons from instructors beforehand.

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I didn't pass the test on the computer a couple so I got to redo them on the spot and somewhat passed driving part cuz I was prepared.

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^i know, right? my first instructor looked quite intimidating, which i guess affected my driving performance
my second instructor was chill though, and i was able to pass.
edit: at ^^above

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18 times cause im asian -_-

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