This is how we train

There is a land far, far away where bears live in their houses with their families, and wolves in the forests surrounding them. Every male bear must go through a ritual to complete bear hood- they must find, capture, tame and ride their own wolf. They are given a single mace with which to complete this task. Once they have done this, they are given studded leather armour and a dull grey helmet with a red lock of hair sprouting from it. They are sent away from their homelands, to the castle where the lion king resides, to become his warriors, against all foes. The bears and the wolves come- expecting glory. Instead, they find death.

Orbs fly from a bear wolf as a demon steals it's life force, leaving the wolf and his rider shrunken and drained. The duo are not done, yet, though. The wolf makes a final charge- the bear raises his mace to bring it crashing down upon his attacker. The demon easily deflects it and a shadowy figure appears behind the him, as he puts the life drained from the bear into his mighty axe and thrusts forward once, twice, three times. Four bear wolves die. The demon leaps high, his wings contracting to his body to provide greater lift. He grabs a chain, his companions gather. Stars appear above their heads- they are bathed in a golden glow. Blessed by the fairies, giving them greater strength. Another bear moves close to them- intending to crush the demon's dark wings. "Mike!" a blue haired girl calls out, the demon slayer turns, distracted, the bear lifts his mace high- and syko strikes. The wolf's legs are useless as both he and his rider are forced against their will against a wall with their other comrades. A dragon appears around a blue-skinned man, clothed in a black robe. The dragon bites the bearwolves, hurting them, stabbing into their hides. Lightning from the blue-haired girl caresses their faces and whispers sweet things into their ears as it electrifies them. The bears try to fight back, still. Resisting as best they can, trying to bludgeon the blue people who wield such power. The screen goes dark- confused, a demon appears in the middle of the screen, a red ring glows around it, terrible amounts of damage is done to any bear wolf in the ring's vicinity. The bears fall. More take their place. A white tiger flits around the ankles of the wolves, picking up fallen bears' maces. He is too nimble to hit. A large ice demon looms above the lightning mage, protecting her from any bear who dares come near. A disembodied eye pulses, filling the knight of dragons with strength. The bears' numbers are endless, but they make no headway against the trio of attackers. The demon's black wings, tattered and torn at the edges, beat in unison with the Mage's huge silvery ones. Robots follow each of them around, pretty companions, dressed in cast-off clothes. Lightning surrounds the entire battlefield- inescapable. Circles with dragons inside of them roar, again and again, Ice falls from the sky in huge spears, piercing deep into the bear wolves. The sky goes dark as the demon uses the bears' own life force against them. This is Lionheart castle.

Notes: I wrote this in a grand total of ten minutes when I was bored in Math class. Just in case you didn't get it, This is just a description of Mike (A Demon Slayer) Syko (A dragon knight) and Segumisama (A I/l AM) training at bear wolves. Feel free to constructively criticize.

February 22, 2012

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[quote=SmashDragoon]Great work, a lot of information and gave me a visual view of what I was seeing. I must see more of this work. [/quote]

Thanks :] I wrote a different 'story' from my pets' view... I'll link it to you in a pm so i'm not suspended for advertising

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Great work, a lot of information and gave me a visual view of what I was seeing. I must see more of this work.

Reply February 22, 2012

acouple simple words

Write more, Publish it

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i like it. thanks for helping me procrastinate 3 minutes longer

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Looks pretty good.

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lol thanks guys. It's only three because it's me, my guild leader, and our bearwolf-killing machine. (our DS friend who trained from lvl 1-200 in 14 days O_O)

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writing storys about maple instead of stareing at guys?

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from the monster's point of view.

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Why is there a trio?

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Wut am I reading?

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