General Pirate

Training shade vs TB amp scaling Hey guys, I recently made a TB and it's been really fun so far. Mobbing is great and bossing is pretty good too. My main question is, which is better at mobbing, and therefore training? So far TB training has been pretty great. I love that you can hit platforms much higher than you. Anyone got any insights on shade mobbing and hit box range? Also, I was looking at the dpm charts and although I take those with a grain of salt, I noticed shade was super low on there. Why is that? Also, TB doesn't seem to have any final damage bonuses. Does that mean it scales poorly into endgame? Does shade have any final damage? And if so, does that mean it scales better? So many questions! Thanks for your input :)

General Bowman

WA or Merc main I've decided to play again after a few month hiatus being really busy with life. I currently have a fairly weak phantom (1.5m range or so buffed). I'm going to sell its gear to fund a new main. I've been looking at videos of both wind archer and mercs, and they both seem like they'll fit my play style (long distance, speed, flashy). I've noticed I lag alot so I'm guessing it's gonna be hella difficult to execute the merc combos while majorly lagging. Anyone have any comments on that? That's one thing that's making me really nervous about merc. On the other hand, I've heard that the low lines of Wind Archer (compared to other archers) makes it a lot slower to kill end game bosses (i.e c vellum/ hellux for me). However with th

General Mage

Evan v I/L? So, with the new upcoming updates in mind, what do you think is a better investment? I/L is a pretty solid all around class, simple gameplay, beautiful graphics. Plus a pretty decent amount of hits/s as well damage. In future, with infinity getting that % increase in cap, looks like they'll be a pretty great class for bossing. Plus the mobbing is good, and I really like the distance of their teleport. On the other hand, evan is also quite fun. Fast, good damage, glide, random teleport skill, stance and high status resist (with their summon). Plus they're getting a major renewal which tbh looks epic af. But until that comes, evans are still pretty solid in terms of bossing, and flame wheel is an excellent mobbing skill. However,

General Thief

Shadower vs Phantom as Main So I just started playing Maplestory again after a very long time (pre big bang). After doing my fair share of research on the classes, I've narrowed it down from my top 5 choices (Bishop, Shadower, Phantom, Angelic Buster, Mercedes) to 2 (Phantom and Shadower). As a new player, who's unfunded but will probably spend some cash on NX, what would you suggest I main? I like the playstyles of both characters very much. And now that 5th job is confirmed in KMS and the damage cap will be increased/ removed, it would seem that shadower would have the upper hand, as their %damage skills are very high. Furthermore, shadower was one of my favourite classes from the jump. I love the high damage and great survive. That being

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