WA or Merc main

I've decided to play again after a few month hiatus being really busy with life.

I currently have a fairly weak phantom (1.5m range or so buffed). I'm going to sell its gear to fund a new main.

I've been looking at videos of both wind archer and mercs, and they both seem like they'll fit my play style (long distance, speed, flashy).

I've noticed I lag alot so I'm guessing it's gonna be hella difficult to execute the merc combos while majorly lagging. Anyone have any comments on that? That's one thing that's making me really nervous about merc. On the other hand, I've heard that the low lines of Wind Archer (compared to other archers) makes it a lot slower to kill end game bosses (i.e c vellum/ hellux for me). However with the v177 patch that just happened, they gain 25% damage cap, which helps out with that I think.

Both classes are really cool, and I think I'd have fun with either. Do you guys have any comments or suggestions to help me choose? I'm interested in hearing your experience with 1) bossing, 2) farming/ training and 3) damage output for amount of funding input.


October 24, 2016

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1.5mil is low... I got like 60k range buffed...

Reply October 25, 2016

Thanks for the input guys!

I think I'll go with Wind Archer. Seems a little bit more suitable for a casual player like myself.

Plus all the arrows flying around looks pretty @_@

Reply October 25, 2016

Merc is fun, but pretty weak atm..

Reply October 24, 2016

What kind of lag is it? FPS lag or latency?
If it's latency, merc combos are client sided so there shouldn't be an issue.
If it's FPS lag, then you'll most likely experience the same thing (possibly worse) with wind archers because of their trifling wind and storm bringer.

Damage cap is going to be removed when we get 5th job, so lack of lines won't really matter.

And to answer your 3 questions at the bottom;
1. Both have fun bossing. Merc can use combos to get away and move around, while WA can use wind walk and vertical flash jump to get to places. Mercedes uses debuffs and combostacks for extra damage and WA can summon a puppet to lure bosses away which is REALLY helpful for some bosses, but useless on some others. I don't have an issue with immobile hurricane, but if you do, then I'd go with Mercedes.
2. WA mobs better than merc but their 4th job mobbing skill feels atrocious (to me anyway). I'd personally go with mercedes.
3. When 5th job hits, you'll get more out of your WA than mercedes assuming you get all the cores and stuff. Mercedes is still good though, just not as strong as Wind Archer.

If Wind Archers had less buffs (6 buffs excluding MW is ridiculous) and a smoother 4th job mobbing skill, then I'd say WA all the way.
Since that isn't the case, I'd recommend Mercedes. But it's all up to you. Both are great classes.

Reply October 24, 2016

one is a cygnus mule and the other is a car

all up to you mate

Reply October 24, 2016