Training shade vs TB amp scaling

Hey guys, I recently made a TB and it's been really fun so far. Mobbing is great and bossing is pretty good too.

My main question is, which is better at mobbing, and therefore training? So far TB training has been pretty great. I love that you can hit platforms much higher than you. Anyone got any insights on shade mobbing and hit box range?

Also, I was looking at the dpm charts and although I take those with a grain of salt, I noticed shade was super low on there. Why is that?

Also, TB doesn't seem to have any final damage bonuses. Does that mean it scales poorly into endgame? Does shade have any final damage? And if so, does that mean it scales better?

So many questions! Thanks for your input

June 12, 2017

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TB will be better at mobbing, moreso if you understand the class and able to maneuver it well, and the difference is greatly visible when it comes to larger maps since TB has the ability to traverse the map quickly. Shade on another hand is strikingly easier to grind though, since it's so simple to play while some may exaggerate that playing TB for a long while may get you carpal tunnel. So, both have their pros and cons. If you prefer to play during 2X to gain the most out of the events, then TB might suit you better. Otherwise you might want to play a Shade instead for prolonged gaming session.

I've no idea on the DPM chart, but Shade does feel weaker when compared to TB on the first glance. Well, that is not that surprising giving the fact that Shade has a lot more bossing utilities for rooms of errors or maximizing the time frames to do damage. Chances are Shade may be able to dish out more damage if compared to a subpar controlled TB, but then I believe the difference won't be marginally large enough to completely turn the tides.

Not necessarily. Damage calculation can be quite overwhelming if you don't know where to look at, but it boils down on how much funding can you contribute to the said class to dish out the damage ultimately.

If I'm you, I'll just pick the one I prefer more, dump everything I've into that single class, and enjoy the game.

Reply June 12, 2017