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So lately with all the Phantom talk many people have decided to leave their mains/job classes to make a phantom. I too want to make a Phantom and fund it so i can enjoy it best. It took me a long time to train+fund my Cannoneer and although I never truly finished funding it, I want to sell my %Str Pirate gear in order to afford %Luk gear >.> Below i have some nice equips that I'd like to sell. I have an idea how much i want to sell them for, but if anyone is interested, send me a PM with your offer(Serious offers only). <~ Nice Empress shoes <~ Nice Empress gloves <~ Nice Empress cape <~ Decent Empress hat <~ Decent RS earrings

April 16, 2012

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Dam. I thought if i put it on Price Check it'll be ok >.> Thanks guys.

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No advertising. Make a listing.

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