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1) How do I get maple saint equips, without spending coins?
2) How do I play fire poison? :o

May 19, 2015

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An easier way to get the first armor box is to get there a little before the stuff falls.
Go to either end and push up on the portal, now you won't collect anything falling even if it hits you.
Watch for a box and hit cancel when you think you can get it.

Reply May 19, 2015

The best way to farm the equips is to fill your etc tab completely and leave one spot in your use tab. Then when the items are falling in the festival spot, make sure your one use slot has an armor box. It might be tricky, but once your last use slot has the armor box, none of the other items can enter your inventory. This means that you can get up to 3 armor boxes at a time when items fall with relative ease.

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Through the boxes from the raining coins thing every half hour or so at the festival place. You can get a weapon from the scholarly shroom quest line.

You dont, you cry and try and DoT things.

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