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Cra Skills, Pets, and Pots randomly stop working So I just recently tried to do Chaos Pierre and Chaos Queen, but for some reason in the middle of the fight my skills suddenly stop working. I can't do anything meaningful. I have 2 pets out, but they don't even heal me. Eventually I end up dieing... but then I can't even click the OK button to respawn. I can still click on the system buttons (for e.x. to Log Out), but I can't click on anything in my item inventory. I CAN click on items in my equip window, but if I try to unequip them nothing happens. I can still type normally. I can still use commands like /find and it works like normal. Does anyone have any idea what's going on, or how to stop it? Already tried restarting Maple and my compu


Marvel Item Changes I thought I'd compare the prizes (as listed on the web page) with the prizes from the previous marvel. Here's the change list as far as I can tell: Added: 4 Hours 2x Drop Special Card Added: 4 Hours 2x EXP Special Card Removed: Bed Head Coupon (M) Added: Black Meso-Mech Body Removed: Blizzard Armor (F) Removed: Blizzard Armor (M) Removed: Blizzard Boots Removed: Blizzard Cape Removed: Blizzard Gloves Removed: Blizzard Helmet Added: Bloody Rose Chair Added: Blue Meso-Mech Arm Removed: Buff Freezer Removed: Easter Egg Basket Added: Fusion Anvil Added: Gachapon Ticket (5) Added: Green Meso-Mech Leg Removed: Hourglass (7days) Added: Hyper Teleport Rock (1 Day) Removed: Item Guard: 365 Days Removed: Legendary Maple Firerunner


Special Boss Fight Idea This thread is about an idea I came up with that I thought I should share. If that doesn't interest you, you really shouldn't waste your time reading any further :P I've been having more and more issues with MapleStory thanks to the most recent Unleashed/Unlimited patch. I have stuff to do, and more ambitious goals, but I don't really feel like I'm having fun at the moment. This got me to start thinking what I wish MapleStory were like.. or at least, some content I wish existed. I started thinking about the massive boss fight that was announced in RED teaser video, which had something about a boss fight where 100 maplers could versus one very strong boss. One of my complaints against Maple at the moment is what seems

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p/c Nova Hermes Cape 5-star 12% legendary Hey guys, I was hoping you could price check my cape. I was thinking about trading it in for a tyrant and would like to know it's approximate value. Main stats: 5-star enhanced 12% int, legendary Specific: 98/95/95/93 str/dex/int/luk 20 watk 17 matk 93 wdef 96 mdef (5-star, +1, 0 slots left, 0 hammers) 12% Int, 9% HP, 9% MP At the same time, could I get a p/c on a clean tyrant cape? Thank you very much :) EDIT: And prices in Scania, sorry, forgot to mention that :)

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Prestige/Influence accepts d/c Hackers? I was playing another game when I noticed MapleStory d/c'd. I logged back in and was greeted by a ton of lag. I then noticed that I was being spammed in expedition chat. The problem is, I'm not in an expedition. I tracked down the guy who was spamming me (which was not easy btw, <3 my i7 processor) and took a screenshot. I was surprised he was in Influence (Prestige Alliance). I thought they were supposed to be against hacking, at least, they were when I was a member? The screenshot: Also note how he's floating in the air... it's really him, I'm not mistaking an I for an L, etc.


Unique Potential Scroll 60 boom? Hey guys, I was wondering if the Unique Potential Scroll 60% blows up an item if it fails? This is the description in-game: Gives Unique Potential to items that are ranked Epic or below. Use a Magnifying Glass to unveil the item's Hidden Potential once it has been added. Success Rate: 60% It doesn't say anything one way or the other about blowing up the item. I was hoping someone who has actually tried (or knows a friend who tried) to use one of these can verify blow up or no blow up?

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