Boss Entrance Tickets

So I was away from Maple when these things came out. How do they work and what are they called?

September 23, 2013

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Its permanent. so u can get 5 tickets per day but have to go in the boss arena 3 times to give u another chance to another ticket. i not exactly sure but thats how i get tickets again after 5 times per days. also sometimes if you want to farm eof by doing prequest, by using tickets they may reset u by needing to get permission again from 4th instructors to do the pre quest.

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[quote=ShyShadow]Wow thanks! Where can i get them?[/quote]

From gach
You have to have cleared the boss one time first
Pink bean and von leon don't give return scrolls to the boss lobby, making them pretty much useless; sometimes they (or maybe just specific tickets?) don't even work. You can click them but nothing happens. Don't know about cygnus though

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[quote=ShyShadow]Wow thanks! Where can i get them?[/quote]

Buy them from FM

Do keep in mind that these don't work unless you have at least killed the specified boss once.

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u can use it everyday up to 5 times per day[/quote]

Wow thanks! Where can i get them?

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but ur character has to have all the requirements
like zak
prequests and 50+
also, its not character or account specific
u can use one, and then give it to another person to use once[/quote]

Is it a one time use?

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[quote=ilikepandas]____ additional entry ticket
when u use them, it gives u a scroll to the place where the boss is, and gives u one additional entry everytime u use it. up to 5 times a day[/quote]
So can I just use it on an account that's never done it before?

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