eskalade pls

"So, you know the whole Dress-Up thing? That's... well it doesn't have anything to do with my powers. I just think you're really... you know... hot."
>Yeah, I kinda figured that out about 100 levels ago.
are you serious... eskalade pls...

September 25, 2014

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I can't believe this. Basilers reading NPC chats! I'm so happy.

Reply October 1, 2014

[quote=simaini]man what a pedrofile. isn't AB like only 10yrold or something lololololo[/quote]

Try 30. First, she isnt human, second, the present day takes place "decades" after they formed the Helisium Reclamation Squad (as, like "5-year olds&quot, third, i think it was just poor design choice. Like, i believe kaiser was designed typical british peasant main chara thing like Eragon in the Eragon movie, but because of maple's chibi art style and their descision to go a lil bit more... "realistic" compared to Evan's take on it, he seems like a flipping 10 year old. Pixie cuts arent for 10 year olds, either, they're like, 30 years out of style. My 50ish year old mother wears her hair like that.

Reply September 27, 2014

Guys pls.

Reply September 26, 2014

More fanservice pls

Reply September 26, 2014

I have imaginations of them.

Reply September 26, 2014

man what a pedrofile. isn't AB like only 10yrold or something lololololo

Reply September 25, 2014

I kinda find it juvenile.

Reply September 25, 2014

[url=]How can you not love this class?[/url]

Reply September 25, 2014

Creepy pervert dragon is the best job instructor.

Reply September 25, 2014

Well, one reason why I enjoy the class, your "instructor" is hilarious, makes the game less boring I guess.

Reply September 25, 2014