Joypad settings

so i just found out that you can use more than just "delete", "end", etc.... on the joypad. ex: you can use "A" or "spacebar" on the joypad too.
the original 8 quick slots are
"insert home page up
delete end pagedown"
but, you can change those. let's say you change insert into hotkey spacebar. now your quick slot will look like
space home pageup
delete end pagedown

when you go to joypad settings, whatever button you have for insert will press space instead

October 4, 2014

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...or u can just download joytokey and use whatever button u want for whatever key you want?

just sayin. Nexons controller support is pretty garbage.

Reply October 4, 2014

Joypad setup by nexon is so stupid and they refuse to upgrade it.

Reply October 4, 2014

you can change the quick slot keys. *incase u ppl out there didn't know*

personally, i tried using a joypad/controller and i didn't like the delay/ lag. (it may be only my pc/joypad that is the problem, results may vary)

Reply October 4, 2014 - edited