Pink bean's gift box

Does anybody know if you can get all rewards separately (like transform pot on main, lv 120 pot on mule)? Or is it just a USE box and you open and get everything on one character? i hope we can get it separately... I don't need a lv 120 potion on my main >_>

October 7, 2015

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Oh well. At least we get a free lvl 2 link mule out of it. New cygnus link, here I come. Just going to be dissapointed that my PB transform pot will be on my NW, its literally my least favorite class

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@megascience: Well they're only letting us claim one tier now so it's whatever.

Edit: Nvm, didn't realize they kept the 120 exp on the 100+ tier.

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What's most concerning is we've been trying to get Nexon's attention about this almost since the Pink Bean notes came out, and although Maple Leaf Councilors have taken notice of the issue, it seems Nexon has been more focused on other issues. This would be a relatively simple fix: Just change the item's trade-ablity property from Untradeable to Movement in Account (Once?), or make us able to claim each item individually. It's probably too late now, but hopefully once the boxes roll out everyone will be making enough noise for Nexon to do something.

If I had to guess (based on the questionnaires and topics councilors have been making), the main focus was divided between the issues of "We have too many things floating around us (Example: Totems)" and "Inventory space is becoming scarce." I assume they were hesitant to increase inventory space or add more kinds of dynamic storage, as they'd have to assure it is both balanced for networking and not exploitable in some way, so they opted for the hiding things floating around you route. It does sound impressive how it functions, but... meanwhile simple issues like this are forgotten.

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god bless nessin and their reincarnation philosophy, hopefully they hire more art majors god bless

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@megascience: nooooooo T_T
i guess they wanted it to make it seem like the new character we make will be the reincarnation of the pb -.- since the pb gets deleted you can remake new character with same ign and jump to lv 120 and get the PB medal and the transformation pot to return to your past self ;/

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[url=]We've been trying to get Nexon to fix this[/url], but alas it seems they did not. You get the box, open, and all the items go to that one character. That means the character you want to get to level 120 will also keep your Permanent Pink Bean transform (and anything else untradeable). Really, we would want our recreational item on our main, not on the character we pushed to 120.

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