Str increases range more than Dex?

i equipped the strength totem and my range is 42,765. i equip the dex totem and my range is 42,758. dex is supposed to be the secondary stat for thieves but str increases the range more? i know that a difference of 7 is very small, but still... seems kinda interesting.

October 7, 2014

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Think back. Remember back in the day when some daggers required str to equip? Yup.

Reply October 8, 2014

Str and Dex both effect Shadower. Back before the Big Bang there was a branch of Bandits called StrDits that used daggers with str requrements along with luk. So even though everything is all luck, the str still factors slightly into damage

Reply October 8, 2014

For Shadowers and (I think) Dual Blades, both STR and DEX serve equally as secondary stats. The discrepancy is in the secondary stat total; as @ChickenS0up pointed out, your STR+DEX total is higher with the STR totem, likely due to having %STR from equips.

Reply October 7, 2014

left pic: 730 secondary stats
right pic: 731 secondary stats

Reply October 7, 2014

thieves have both dex and str as secondary stats.

Reply October 7, 2014