Just fixed my Psp

so outdated it's not even listed on the list with PS3/4 and Vita
just got new button pad replacement sets for my PSP and i'm playing PSP revolution (DDR) so fun <3

January 29, 2015

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God Of War Ghost of Sparta was so funnnnnn

Reply February 17, 2015

@UAPaladin I'd suggest Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Gods Eater Burst. Both Action RPGs are really fun once you get used to using [url=]"The Claw"[/url] technique to control the camera with your left index finger. It may feel awkward at first, but after a few minutes or hours, it becomes second-nature!

(Even though Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate are coming out for the 3DS, MHFU is still fun and challenging to this day.)

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if you can get custom firmware you will never have to buy a single game for it and also you can get gameboy/snes/nes emulators.....psp is honestly my favorite handheld lol

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@UAPaladin yugioh gx tag force series if u interested in yugioh

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i was gonna quote you but then i realized i'm probably gonna get you know what for discussing about you know what
i spent a lottttt of time on FF crisis core and dissidia. way too much time for no reason i had a lot of fun on GTA liberty city too. i used to play bleach heat the soul series too. also naruto fighting games too. i really liked ridge racer too. i honestly haven't played a PSP game in a while since i use it mostly for largest big bird purposes playing supernintendo and PSP revolution

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I just got a PSP emulator for my iPad, but I don't know what games to get

Any suggestions?

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