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tumblr virus? so, a while back i made a tumblr account but i never actually used it or posted anything on it. i just received an email from tumblr saying congrats on having 5 posts, and i was like wtf. i logged on my tumblr, they made me change my password, and i looked at what i supposedly posted. it was just some gray square things, and when i clicked on it, it took me to c3913c6c.s-webantivirus.[not part of url but don't click]pl one of those fake antivirus scanner things popped up and a message too, but i quickly closed my browser. i'm afraid it might be a virus? but when i went back on chrome everything seemed fine. how do i know if my computer was infected?

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Nba is racist wow, the NBA is so racist. almost 80% of all the players are black! less than 1% of the players are asian! less than 10% of the players are hispanic! these statistics aren't 100% perfect, but it's close enough. the NBA is too black, they need to lower their standards so that more asians and hispanics will be accepted. do you guys agree or no? edit: some people seem to be questioning my statistics. look at page 20[1].pdf i should correct my statistics and say that less than 5% of the players are hispanic/latino. some may question the fact that i'm only using one source, but if you look it up yourselves, you will see that over 70% of the players are black, less than 1% are asian, less than 5% are hispanic, so my argument still s

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Kpop group names 1TYM: 1 Time for Your Mind 2NE1: New Evolution of the 21st Century AOA: Ace of Angels AST'1: A Star 1 B1A4: Be the One, All For One B2Y: Babyboys 2 Yearninggirls Baby V.O.X: Baby Voices of Xpression Baby V.O.X Re.V: Baby Voices of Xpression Renaissance Voices B.A.P: Best Absolute Perfect BB.Boys: Best of Best Boys BBde Girl: Beauty Blessed de Girl B.Dolls: Bustling Dolls BEAST: Boys of EAst Standing Tall Block B: BlockBuster BoM: Blooming of Our Music BTOB: Born TO Beat C-Clown: Crown Clown CHI-CHI: Creative electronic House Idols C.N Blue: Code-Name Blue COIN Jackson: K(C)Orea IN michael JACKSON C-REAL: Chemi Redee Effie AnnJ Lenny (the names of the members) DMTN: Desire.Motivation.Timing.Now EVoL: Effective Voice of Ladie

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