General Beasttamer

Beast Tamer Complaint Uhhh.... Unless i'm somehow dumb or dense, how the hell are we supposed to use furious strikes efficiently? Paw swipe is NOT keydown and neither is Furious Strikes. I don't want to have to bust my key to rapidly tap just to keep the hammer up THEN most likely have to move around when bossing. How the hell is this efficient? I mean, again, unless i'm somehow dumb then I think i'm gonna pass on beast tamer. I'll probably level to 170 and stop. What is everyone's thoughts on this?

General Wildhunter

Thunderbird Petition Never really done of these petition things before. Basically, the other archers have cool summons while Wild Hunters are stuck with a sub-par hawk. There's no further transformation or upgrade of any kind... just a hawk :~(. What i'd like to see happen is a thunderbird implementation for Wild Hunter since it's highly unlikely they're going to release a new classline for the archer adventurers. Wild Hunters are an amazing yet overlooked class that deserves some respect and that respect would be nice to see in the form of a Thunder Bird summon. Just say something like "I support this" and i'll do my best to update the names of the supporters. [b]All in favor :[/b]


Yet another update dislike thread After years of checking basil on and off, i've yet to see something trouble me like the responses to the thief/pirate updates. 1) "The updates aren't final so quit it." That's not the point. The fact that they could throw this garbage out as a base idea makes one dread the future. It's like saying, your best friend is making out with your boyfriend BUT it's not final so cool your jets. Get it? 2) "Stop complaining, at least you got..." Up yours! Seriously. Most people with this idea are either new age pirates/thieves or not even pirates/thieves. This is a game presented to players by a company. Last time I checked, things of this nature are service oriented. What does this mean? CUSTOMER

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