Hope You've All Been Well lt3

Wow, what a trip, eh?
I'm turning 30 in about 2 months. DevilOfRoses and I are still dating - 11.5 years and counting. My business is chugging along, as best as it can during these quarantine times. And I think my health is good for the most part.

Chat Island ain't what it used to be, but it's sure neat to see some familiar names. Regardless of familiarity, hope you're all staying safe and healthy out there

September 26, 2020

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HI EUGE! I miss bumping into you and Peggy all the time D:

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I remember seeing you and others here, and lots of others who are long gone when I was a wee toddler browsing the forums and markets in 06-10. I started posting when I developed some semblance of a brain a few years later. I didn't think I'd ever come back here and post tbh.

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Haha I've been drinking, saw this post and now I'm nostalgic. Started playing/made this account when I was 13, now I'm a 26 year old accountant. Love how this website hasn't changed at all!

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All the lurkers who can't let go are coming out of the woodworks. I suspect all of us who were active in the mid 00's are in their late 20's or early 30's now.

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This thread is making me nostalgic for all the basil friends I had throughout the years. Still in touch with a quite a few but no one from when basil was at its peak. Met 2 basilers irl, had lots of video chats with others (before zoom calls were a thing, ha!) Funny how a simple website can have so much influence on your life without really being something I think about unless I turn on a computer and get bored.

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@devilofroses: Well that's good to know LOLOLOL

@aznseal: AYYYYYY Congratz !
It really is, huh? Man, when we were all active at our prime here, it was probably 2006-2007? Nearly 13-14 years ago... sometimes DoR and I wonder how this forum connected so many of us. And we do often wonder how others are doing haha! Now most of us are working adults, and yet something in here keeps us connected, even though honestly speaking, we don't know a whole lot about each other, but we can still hope we're all doing well !

@audio: LOL no worries! I could swear that you do seem familiar with your current username, but perhaps I'm misremembering. But I do definitely remember Danny and Graham so I get the energy !

Hoo boy how different a reunion like that would be now. Funny enough, I think we'd be more awkward now than we were before... the hubris of being a teenager meeting strangers online HAHA. That's amazing though that that has become a gem in your memory for whatever the reason. I distinctly remember when DoR and I started dating, we hadn't revealed to Basil yet that we were together, but we held hands at Vancouver Basil Con and some Basilers exclaimed at the realization haha! It was such a wild and fun day, and it just felt so sweet to have this kind of community work out in meeting up, at least at that time.

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@skalz: god i actually don't remember any of my old usernames... i got banned pretty often back then for being a bad boy lol (sorry mr. basil!), but i was good friends with danny (smiles1337) and graham (Deciduous?) if that means anything to you - i vaguely remember you guys being acquaintances at the very least

yeah i wiped my existence off of facebook a few years ago myself, so i'm not really in touch with any old basil friends either. every now and then i kinda wonder about what a basilmarket reunion would look like... and when i do i'm always reminded of that one video you posted of the "basilcon" in vancouver lol, where a group of you were like stood in a circle announcing your basilmarket usernames and stuff. idk why this memory is so deeply burned into my brain as opposed to some actually useful information? but i suppose that memory is important to me in its own way

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Life is great! Been busy. I'm an OBGYN now. It's strange how long ago basil was.

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@audio: HELLO!! Ahhahaha aww! What was your account before, if you don't mind me asking or if you remember? I might recall seeing you around? But thank you so much, and yeah, it's wild to both of us that we're still together considering how we met LOL

And LOL no worries, it really be a small world and yeah I definitely had added a handful of basil people on Facebook way back then, albeit most of us didn't keep in close contact for the most part, but it's kind of neat to know they're there Cept I... actually haven't used Facebook in like... a couple of years. At least we all occasionally end up back here at the same window of time

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Yes I've been well LOOOL. In all seriousness, I miss the good ol' Basil days sometimes.

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woah it's the real skalz! it's so crazy to think back on how i used to view you as like, more or less a celebrity around here lol. i don't think we ever spoke directly (i might not even have been using this account while you were active?), so this is prob weird of me to say but nevertheless i'm glad to hear you're doing well! devilofroses too of course, the fact that you two are still together is the most heartwarming news i've heard in a very long time

also this is an extremely creepy thing to hear from a stranger so i apologise in advance but: a couple of years ago i randomly ended up getting to know someone who is actually a friend of yours? or a facebook friend at least lol, i saw that we had some mutual mutual friends and i was like wait a minute... those are basilmarket people, and that's when i recognised it was you hahah. one of those bizarre coincidences that life throws at you i guess

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@dalsia: Hahaha yeah it's surprisingly old!
That's really great, all things considered with the world right now. Finding your own personal enjoyment and silver lining is bout the only way anyone can stay sane during these times. Glad to know you've gotten that chance with games and hobbies I recently got back my PS3 so I'm restarting some games haha.

@sandylambb: Hope you had a nice stroll down memory lane haha! I got lucky somehow with my old accounts phew. And yeah, I feel that cringe, but I guess that's also the fun part of all this and seeing how far you've come.

Take it easy on yourself! Everything is such a mess in the world right now, and one day at a time is about the only way most people are living at the moment, myself included sometimes.

And thank you !

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damn. i suddenly start going down memory lane at 1am and an hour later i stumble upon basilmarket, completely surprised that it's still up and running? even the password reset worked LMAO and now it's 3:30am and i'm attempting to log back onto my old maplestory account with no success. looking back at everything is making me cringe so bad it hurts.

my life's been a mess and the pandemic is not making it any better, but i'm hanging on and just trying to survive one day at a time.

i also recognize your gf's name! nice to know that you guy's are still going strong (:

i hope everyone else that comes upon this post is well.

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Wow, your account is even older than mine! And your GF is a week away from having 5000 days on Basil. Time flies

Hope you and the rest of Basil are doing well too. I've been lucky to get through this year mostly uneventfully. One nice thing about the quarantine is that it's given me a lot of free time to play games and explore other hobbies again.

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