KMST v1.2.049 - Anniversary Balancing


(No differences from KMST -> KMS)

#V: Bowman
Guided Arrow: damage has been increased [500% -> 600%]

#V: Explorer Bowman
Evolve: number of attacks has been increased [6 -> 7]

#V: Bowmaster
Afterimage Shot: cooldown has been increased [20 sec -> 30 sec]

Buff for everything. According to Insoya, a longer cooldown on Afterimage Shot actually benefits Afterimage Shot in terms of damage. Not to mention that it lines up with Arrow Blaster's duration and Enchanted Quiver's cooldown for better skill management.

April 20, 2017

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@skythedestroyer: Good good. I'm still wondering where I'm gonna put Afterimage and Evolve. ` is arrow rain, Ins is concentration, home is epic adventurer.. bleh maybe I have to unassign wind pierce and flame surge.

Then again I only use U for event boxes.

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@twopointonefour: Mercedes' character card/Union effect is probably more of a benefit overall. It'll only reduce Afterimage Shot's cooldown by like 1 second, which isn't a big deal, while reducing Arrow Rain's cooldown by around 5 seconds, which is pretty nice.

KMST v1.2.049 skill changes for Bowmaster have been ported over to KMS 1.2.276 with no differences:

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Evolve just getting better and better. Still won't bother with Guided Arrow.

Oh since I've heard Mercedes union effect actually does something to 5th job cooldowns is it detrimental? Also I need like 100 more keys cause my layout is full.. I'm gonna have to start taking facial expressions off at this point.

Party's over.

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