KMSt 1.2.24 - Bowmaster changes

Quiver Cartridge: an error where Magic Arrows would ignore monsters’ attack nullification skills has been fixed
Arrow Platter: an error where you could not escape from petrification if you were petrified while using this skill has been fixed
Phoenix: damage formula has been changed to use the character’s damage instead of a summon’s

November 26, 2015

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@twopointonefour: That new skill might be a serious game changer depending on how it works.

Reply November 27, 2015

Added Orange Mushroom's Blog changes.

(Also, I clowned, thread title should be 1.2.024)

Reply November 27, 2015

Gone are the days where I can kill an elite boss before people showed up to hit it once.

From the looks of things, nexon korea is happy with the place marksmen are at and don't seem interested in making major damage changes to them.

@Elufu: So voiceovers on mercedes and animation cancels during combos but nerfs to summons damage, alas spirit infusion is passive.

Reply November 27, 2015 - edited

Reading the Japanese translations:
Quiver Cartridge: Fixed the error where magic arrows were by-passing weapon cancel.

The rest is as you would expect.

Pretty much bug splatting for BMs. They had a better round of patches prior so can't complain I guess?

Reply November 26, 2015 - edited

wow if phantoms can steal lv 150 hypers that'd be pretty cool. before hypers were released, i thought phantoms would have a hyper where it lets them steal other hypers lol, like impeccable memory 5 or somethin

Reply November 26, 2015 - edited