General Wild Hunter questions

Hey guys,

I've recently decided to start maining a Wild Hunter and I have a few general questions about the class.

-What inner ability should I be aiming for? I'll have legendary

-When bossing, I'm encountering this problem where I can never stop firing WAB in time for damage reflect and always end up dieing. Is there a technique to prevent that?

-Also, when I'm bossing what bosses should I be using backstep for? I find it's sometimes useful, but really annoying that you have to stop casting WAB in order to use it.

-When is Hunting assistant unit useful? I almost never use it.

-This one is kind of unrelated, but what Pet skills are worth it? I have auto HP & MP but I'm wondering if Auto cure and auto buff are worth it. (Especially since our buffs have such a short duration)

Thanks a ton!

Oh, also, would anyone know how much a perfect Faf xbow in Khaini would be?

October 28, 2014

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I use backstep for almost any boss that i have to shoot and run for, examples are cRA bosses.
Always use hunting assisstant whenever it is up, it provides good DPS

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@SnakeyManGuy: Ah okay... I guess you have to start it before you hold down WAB and move forward (to cancel the backwards motion)?

Reply October 28, 2014

@elufu I just tried using backstep while casting WAB, you definitely can't.

Thanks for the rest of your help!

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hunting assistant unit is soooooooooooooooooooo good. i use it whenever

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Not a WH but...

1) Boss%, Crit%, Att% - The general stuff except buff duration , cooldown reduction and attack speed (they won't help you much).
2) Learn the Damage Reflection patterns and animations and stop attacking before you think it's too dangerous.
3) I thought you were able to use it during WAB. (maybe bring your keys close together)
4) Summon it before you start attacking, after you buff etc. It does contribute to your DPS.
5) I like the auto-buff pet skill but it does choose its own time to buff and sometimes cause lag. Not really essential. Auto cure.. ive never used it before. I just manually auto-cure or rely on status resist.

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