How hard is it to get an attack speed 1 ?

I've wasted at least 1 or 2 mil exp honor and still haven't gotten 1 been passing a lot of boss damage increase but attack speed.

Also does anyone know in the future if KMS decide that attack speed will no longer affect even Mana Burst ? I read this somewhere when googling attack speed over boss damage back then, but then that also means all the skills that boost up attack speed will be changed into damage or something. I just want to be careful not wasting all honor exp just for KMS and/or GMS to make that change and I'll get attack speed for nothing >"

April 1, 2017

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I just came back after a long break and got it on my second try so it's mostly luck

Prior to the break I used dozens of circulators and tons of honor xp to no avail

Reply April 6, 2017

@keyan22: Oh wow. Seems like it's the rarest one !

@beefly: That's interesting ! Such luck :

Reply April 2, 2017

I used about 500k points with no success.
I also used about 30 circulators in total and successfully got to legendary attack speed.

So I would use circulators to find attack speed, I heard circulators gives you the highest lines (like 50% or 49% buff duration instead of 41% or w/e) so I can only assume attack speed is part of that and the RNG pool doesn't have low tier stats when using a circulator, which means since there's less outcomes on lower tier stats popping out the chance of getting top tier stats increases.

Not sure if it's true, I only think so because after using 325k points in one sitting on 50% event with no results, I used 1 circulator afterwards and got attack speed, so it could be dumb luck too.

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I used about 3m Honor and got it, and idk about the attack speed removal thing, never heard of that.

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