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World Trigger Question

Maybe I missed this in the anime or it was explained in the manga, but is there any reason in particular that Border recruits teenagers?
I would think a dangerous job with be left to older people (at least 18+).

0 August 23, 2015

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"I think that's due the trion ability. If you do not have a huge amount from birth like Chika, you need to train it to grow to become a good enough soldier to hold out for a couple hours in battle.

Most adults we seein Border were among the founding and first waves of recruits which were fewer back then. And now 4 years later they are young adults with 18, 19, 20 and 20+ years and older."

Perfectly said

Reply August 24, 2015

[quote=sammi][url=]maybe this will answer your question[/url][/quote]

That actually answers my question.

Reply August 23, 2015

[url=]maybe this will answer your question[/url]

Reply August 23, 2015