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Ask Me Anything

I'm bored, I want to talk, so ask me anything (about myself) and I will answer as truthfully as possible.

0 December 17, 2015

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@windowlegs: Make bank, as in, make a lot of money. My reasons are self-explanatory.
@niceguys: Waiting for Fire Emblem: Fates
@thiefy996: ¯\_(ã�'„)_/¯

Reply December 19, 2015

what game are u hyped for? im waiting out on Persona 5

favorite game all time? (kingdom hearts 2 is mine)

Reply December 19, 2015

@soulblade: why do you want to make a bank?
just because you dont have a girlfriend it doesnt mean you are ugly. most of the fatty boom batty whale girls always end up with the 6'5 200lb QB Chads

Reply December 19, 2015

do u think i'm cute

Reply December 17, 2015

Do you prefer quality or quantity?

Reply December 17, 2015

@lukiie: I'm just a full-time Computer-Science student

Considering I don't have a girlfriend, I wouldn't call myself cute.
I guess I am most proud of my sense of humor.

long term goal: Make bank
short term goal: Pass finals

Reply December 17, 2015

@soulblade or did you mean drop *for the 69?

What do you do? School - whatcha taking? Work - whatcha doing? U cute? PIC OR FAKE.

What are you most proud of right now - and what are your primary long term and short term goals?


Reply December 17, 2015

A favorite item, I guess it would be the Power Elixir (the purple potion) since I use it so often.
I would say I have a favorite Mapler
About the cat, anything fluffy I guess

@raginroxas: My original name was BladeSoul69 to match my original IGN, but I got perma-banned and was forced to change it. SoulBlade was the closest to the original I could think of and I also wanted to drop the 69.

Reply December 17, 2015

Why did you choose the name "soulblade" for your name?

Reply December 17, 2015

what is your favourite maplestory item?
who is your favourite mapler?

if you were a cat what breed would you be?

Reply December 17, 2015

@4evavoodoo: maybe a 5, I can act fine when put into a social situation, but I choose not to be in those situations.

@sirkibblex2: Technically it was free for me since it was a gift, but my cousin paid $80.

Currently I'm playing Maple, Tales of Zestiria, and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

I wouldn't call myself a pet person, but I do like cats (I wouldn't keep one though)

Sadly, I don't remember the F2 since I hadn't touched the character for so long.

and no, I am not creeped out.

@lokithetired: Thats not a question

@quasar: About 6ft

@shamieekill: Probably just run off, unless I was feeling charitable, then I might actually do it.

Sorry for the late response. I fell asleep earlier than expected.

Reply December 17, 2015

What would you do if a guy came up to you and asked you to buy him a biscuit from Popeyes?

Reply December 17, 2015

How tall are you?

Reply December 17, 2015

on a scale of 1 to 10 how social are you

Reply December 17, 2015