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Which Thief Class to choose?

With Reboot being a thing and all, I was thinking about which class to choose when I make my return. I don't necessarily want suggestions (I will still take them though), but just what are the pros and cons of each class, what does one class have over the others, or just what makes one worth playing.

I know I asked for Thief classes, but any sweeper(high speed/atk) class would be good. I would put a poll, but there aren't enough slots.

Edit: Nothing ranged, I'm no good with those

0 November 29, 2015

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lmfao @antisenpai
idk what to say but i think you covered most of it LOL. Stuck between Phantom & DB as well. Trying to do a secondary class to semi-fund. Playing with DB right now and it's very fun.

Reply December 28, 2015

Wish I knew how to get a post of mine from like a year ago.

Shadower = Power house/Bosser/Tank/Hit me harder

Pros: Lots of damage on main skills, higher damage cap, op att buff hyper, Shadow Partner, will finally be able to jump with nate = <3, slower than all other thieves but hits higher with half the funds, easy to maneuver once you get a system going, while using nate you have 100% stance, will get more lines with coming patch.

Cons: Not too many lines of damage unless using MC, but in order to effectively use that skill you need to be reallllly funded, slower than other thieves, takes a while to get used to control, doesn't get super op until Flip of coin hyper, boring af till third job.

Night Lord = Mobber/Bosser/Farmer/1Shotted

Pros: Marks give you an AOE effect where you hit one mob and 3 or so more get hit, very good with mobbing, training, farming, earn extra exp and extra drop with showdown, more damage than Dual Blade, more lines than Shadower, bossing is okay, OG factor.

Cons: Claws are expensive, NW is better, stars are expensive, low def, not a lot of dodge, not a lot of hp, ded.

Dual Blade = Fruit Ninja/Bosser/Mobber/FastAf/I Dodged that and got stronger

Pros: Most versatile class I've ever played, you'll use skills from all jobs, can combo and have a ton of fun, lots of lines, decent damage till 140ish, easy to train, fun to train, good bosser, class is made to boss, BOSS, skills look cool, hits super fast, like seriously, super fast, high dodge rate, when dodge get buff that gives more att and 100% crit.

Cons: Weak af after 140, if you do not upgrade heavily then you'll be left behind damage wise by other classes, have to make/buy two weapons, can have 2mil clean and will do 10 mils, it's weak, so weak... very weak, need lots of buff duration to maximize damage output (might change with upcoming patch), they put a GD cd on Chains of Hell, dammit. Oh and Asura really isn't as good as people make it out to be.
Phantom = Actual Thief/Bosser/FastAF/AttBuff/AttBuff/AttBuff/HS

Pros: Can steal Att buffs to add onto their own Att buffs to make more Att buffs, soon to steal Hyper Att buffs, buffs. High Avoid, barely gets hit, attacks fast, buffs.

Cons: Can only take so many att buffs, low lines, boring af to play till 4th job.

Night Walker = Cheater.

Pros: God.

Cons: The cost of playing God.

Reply December 2, 2015

@soulblade NL can be played close up now, there is no more minimum range for our attacks like there was preBB.

There aren't really any pros or cons other than playstyle anymore

Reply November 30, 2015

U said it didnt nccessary have to be a thief class right? So try battle mages

Reply November 30, 2015

Right now I'm leaning to Shadower.

Reply November 30, 2015

None of them. but if you had to shadower I guess.

Reply November 29, 2015

@fradddd: Thanks for reminding me

No ranged characters, I'm no good with those.
Sorry about that

Reply November 29, 2015 - edited

Night Lord is best.

Reply November 29, 2015 - edited