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Twisted Jesters Drops

So a few days ago I was tipped that Jesters drop Hinomaru Fans, which I was trying to get and anvil to my wand. After hunting them for a while, I noticed that they dropped many "fake cash items", and wanted to give back to the community by compiling a list of drops that I received from them.

Hook Hand (claw)
Emergency Rescue Tube (1H Mace)
Red Umbrella (1H Sword)
Toy Rifle (Crossbow)
Black Paint Brush (1H Axe)
Burning Marshmellow (Wand)
Trumpet (1H Sword)
Green Ski (Spear)
Zhu-Ge-Liang Wand (Wand)
Black Tube (1H Mace)
Scissor Stick (2H Sword)
Lunch box (Lv 60) (1H Sword) [untradeable]
Duck tube (1H Mace)
Horoscope Sword (Staff) (lmao)
Luminous Heaven Dagger (Dagger) [untradeable]
Tiger Paw (Claw)
Hinomaru Fan (Wand)

Was really surprised to see the lunch box drop though. Those of you that were here for the first attendance event will probably remember it. This is by no means a complete list, but I was here for about 2 hours, so a lot of the drops should be here.

August 24, 2014

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i think all the monsters in NLC drop these things now. i got an orca bro from the glutton ghoul

Reply August 24, 2014

Reply August 24, 2014

thanks for the info

Reply August 24, 2014

[quote=mariofan128]Wasn't lunchbox lv 120?[/quote]

i believe there are 3 types of lunchboxes. maybe there are more.

Reply August 24, 2014

Wasn't lunchbox lv 120?

Reply August 24, 2014