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Thanksgiving Event Guide

Hi, it looks like a lot of people are confused about this, so I wanted to clarify it a bit.
The source of the information was not from me, but rather this thread here:
However, this format may be easier to deal with.

Step 1: Gather:
200 Stone Golem Rubble (Henesys Golem, first map)
200 Ink (Mysterious Path 2 in Singapore, dropped by Octobunnies)
200 Green Mushroom Caps (First map out of Henesys)
200 Seedlings (From Ghost Stumps in Perion. It's the same map where Stumpy spawns, so be careful!)
200 Drake Skulls (From Copper Drakes in Sleepywood, the first map.)
200 Fire Extinguishers (From the "firemen mobs" in Singapore, the map right before Boat Quay Town)

Step 2: Talk to:
The six people in Event Hall corresponding to the event. Talk to Tangyoon to accept the quest before doing all of this, though!
Give them the items that you have collected.

Step 3: Talk to:
Tangyoon to finish the quest and choose a chair. It looks like you can repeat this quest daily to get all 3 chairs if you're up to the challenge.

Misc Notes:

If you have more than 200 of that item, they will take all of them. You can store them in your storage if that's a problem for you, probably.
There are other items that you can collect for the chefs, but these are the easiest in my opinion. A partially compiled list is found at the link above.
edit: The items needed to get a chair are fully tradeable, so by all means do all the collecting on your Kanna mule or whatnot and then just transfer the items over.

November 20, 2014

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Nexon put up a list of items each NPC takes. It is sorted by name, but if someone could run through it and figure out which items are easiest, it would be much appreciated for the topic post:

They also modified the list since the minor patch. They no longer take anti-magic stones and rock-paper-scissor tickets, for instance. It should be safe to use now.

Reply November 21, 2014

[quote=CherryTigers]@SunsetChaos The 335 antimagic stones that were taken from the use inventory.[/quote]

Antimagic stones are etc. items that you trade in for coins. You got them mixed up with the Anti-magic Stone Piece use item.

Reply November 21, 2014

Thanks for putting this topic together. Although for Tofu, I personally did Waste Paper and Recycle Water Bottle because they both drop from the same monster at once, and the map they are on didn't seem as likely to have bots. Fire Extinguishers might be easier, though - they look more abundant. I handed in a combination of Waste Paper and Recycle Water Bottle totaling 200 items and counted it.

I assume Kenta might east the Marine Organism Goo from Mr. Lee, which might be easy to farm since Mr. Lee was updated for respawning mobs. Issue there is Mr. Lee is still once day, so disconnecting would have its repercussions. On the bright side, again, combination to 200 items, so it wouldn't be a total loss.

And in case anyone looks back and sees I listed poop... Yes, I kept like 100+ poop on me at any given time. Good laugh every now and then. Now I gotta farm it again, though. Dang Tangyoon.

Reply November 20, 2014

i can confirm this works. just got my cygnus chair. done with collecting

Reply November 20, 2014

@SunsetChaos I think you need 500 of them for a tyrant glove. They take very long to farm, a stack of 335 probably took months to amass.

Reply November 20, 2014

[quote=SunsetChaos]since when are stamps etc items?[/quote]
You tell me.

Reply November 20, 2014

[quote=billy61]They only take etc that i believe are tradable only.[/quote]

since wen can i trade anti-magic stones?>

Reply November 20, 2014

[quote=CherryTigers]I think I'm just gonna stay away. I cube a lot. If they take away a stack of my 100% potential line stamps or something else that I can't put in storage, my pink bean is gonna be upset...[/quote]
since when are stamps etc items?

Reply November 20, 2014

They only take etc that i believe are tradable only.

Reply November 20, 2014

I think I'm just gonna stay away. I cube a lot. If they take away a stack of my 100% potential line stamps or something else that I can't put in storage, my pink bean is gonna be upset...

Reply November 20, 2014 - edited