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Someone made an offer on my perfect VIP xbow Basil, I need your help. I have a VIP xbow that is 165 att, hammered, no slots left, and unenhanced. It has potential and the POT is 2L rare. For those of you that didnt memorize the weapon attack of every single weapon in the history of maplestory and dont know what I'm talking about, this is a VIP crossbow that is 3 att above average, hammered, and scrolled with 9 GM 100% scrolls. A person offered me 9 GM xbow 100% scrolls, 6% DEX (epic) rose earrings, 6% INT (epic) rose earrings, 6%LUK and STR (epic) half earrings, 3% DEX 3% DEX (rare) half earrings, and 400M for it. Should I take him up on his offer?