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Double Leaves?


Can anyone confirm if you can get two leaves from one monster if your drop rate is high enough?

I'm wondering if farming leaves on 4x will even change anything


0 May 10, 2014

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Is 2x drop even working atm? I just got the same amount of leaves I get when I'm farming without 2x

Reply May 10, 2014

this extra 2x drop would've been very good for me if not for the horrible spawn rate due to lag, since like everybody is at evo right now

Reply May 10, 2014

Thanks guys!

Reply May 10, 2014

Nope, so your best bet at this case is to just use population increase. I've prepared a few 100% pop and kanna for tomorrow (I think mobs almost always drop leaves around x5 drop or so)

Reply May 10, 2014


the drop rate of them is 25% if im not wrong, so x4 would maximaze it.[/quote]

oh mein got.... all u have to do now is kill as many as you can and get 1 leaf per kill that is ez life ez rares

Reply May 10, 2014

more leaves just drop lool u cant get double leaves

Reply May 10, 2014

i can confirm you can get two leaves from one monster. how you may ask? im min kim the 3rd

Reply May 10, 2014