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2x from 8-10pm Pst?

I'm a bit confused o.o

On the [url=]2x event[/url] shown on the homepage, it says 5 - 6 AM / 2 - 4 PM / 11 PM - 12 AM

But in the [url=]Hyper Evolution notes[/url] it says that 2x is 5 - 6 AM / 2 - 4 PM / [b]8 - 10 PM[/b] / 11 PM - 12 AM

So is there or is there not 2x during 8 - 10 PM PST?

0 April 6, 2013

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[quote=eyedrop]@hatchet: ikr? nexon should consider est in their event [/quote]

They should consider Australian/Middle Eastern times. Although I am from North America, it's a bit unfair how times generally are for others. I do not think my Australian/Middle Eastern friends can finish Hero's Gauntlet.

Reply April 6, 2013

Why not just make a whole day of 2x if they're going to do 3 different segments.

Reply April 6, 2013

Normally its 2pm to 4pm.

Reply April 6, 2013

@hatchet: ikr? nexon should consider est in their event

Reply April 6, 2013

I hate how the 2xp event on est is 2-3am

Seriously? Like what the hell

Reply April 6, 2013

I imagine the 2x event is correct.

Reply April 6, 2013

ya i would also like to know this. ty

Reply April 6, 2013