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Good enhancement scrolls?

I know this is pretty ambiguous, but what are some decent ES for weapons, accessories, etc? And in terms of str and w.atk.

I know maelstrom and valor are the obvious end game for equips, but I'm looking for something lower but still decent and easy to get. Any ideas?

I mean enchant scrolls for the title :< I'm getting vindi and maple mixed up

0 October 25, 2013

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I'm only listing things that can't break your equipment and drop locations that you can actually farm, not daily raids.

Weapon ~ Prefix

Impending ES (+320 atk -1 atk speed) is the best Prefix for attack if you don't want ES that can break your equipment. You can get it from 2 moon hero but those wisp bosses are so annoying... Easy, but annoying.

Gallant ES is (+180 atk 150 matk +1 balance [The Balance requires the Kobold Beater title though if I remember correctly you need to kill 100 kobolds with objects]) and the best place to farm it is Ruins of Sanctity Hero (the dungeon, not the area) where you can also get Maelstrom ES and Enduring ES.

Weapon ~ Suffix

Getting Yeti ES (+100 atk) is an easier alternative to dominance (+150 atk/matk chance for bal and stam buff ), you can get it easily from Blood Prince Hero, it has a higher success rate, and it won't bind your weapon.

On a side note, dominance doesn't break your weapon even though it's a r9 scroll and it has a chance to give you +30 bal and restore 2 stam per I forgot how many seconds for a whole minute. But the only place it drops is Keaghan, so it's not really a farmable ES.

If you're able to, Valor ES (130 atk 119 matk +5 bal +4 speed) is probably the best affordable suffix you can get. This drops in Hero : Brynn's Research, Prepare for Counterattack (Only Echeloch), Trampled Plains, Where the Legend Sleeps, and Fruitful. Personally I think Fruitful drops it the most, but if you can't handle Fruitful Hero I'd say Prepare for Counterattack is where you should farm because it's easy and there's multiple bosses that drop useful/semi-useful ES in that run.

Accessory ~ Prefix

Depending on your class, I'd recommend Strong (+9 str/int +2 stam [You need to be Level 66+ for the stam effect]) vs Significant ES (+15 atk/matk +1 speed [You need to be Level 68+ for the speed effect])because Strong gives more atk and also gives 2 stam but Significant gives +1 atk speed. So if you're a kai, I'd recommend Strong; if you're anything else Significant is probably better. Downside is that Significant costs 3x or more the price of Strong.

Accessory ~ Suffix

The only Suffix for accessories that gives atk/matk is Berzerker (+30 atk/matk +2 stam recovery per second) but the only farmable location for this ES is Hero Weeping Queen and she's pretty difficult to solo efficiently unless you have stacked stats. However, like Dominance this r9 ES doesn't break equipment so you can try it if you want. Honestly there's no point in stacking more than one of this ES unless you REALLY want the extra 30 atk, the stamina recovery doesn't stack.

If you play on the West server I can help you if I'm available.

(Dat wallotext +wow)

Reply November 8, 2013 - edited

Cheap is Impending/Dominance or Gallant/Dominance on weapons. Significant, Passion, Healthy, Strong are the free ones you get from 65-69. If you want att then you can try Berserk or Warlords. For equips you can do Rounded as prefix and Vampire as a suffix if you don't have the resources for the r9 scrolls.

Reply October 27, 2013 - edited