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lol at how long this took me to color. Especially frostprey.. This is my first time with digital coloring.
I know I'm a bit off proportion wise, but i'd love some critiquing.
Thanks! markswomen pride~

December 18, 2010

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Siiiick, bwahaha.

Reply January 11, 2012

[quote=xnguyen]The whole drawing is messy. I don`t see how you CAN`T miss it. I know what perspective you were drawing from, & a bit of her arm should show, you shouldn`t just cut it off entirely. Have some indication that it`s their. I know what you were trying to do with her neck, arm & such, but more parts of her head should show. It should be place a bit higher. It`s not an Elizabeth collar.[/quote]

Reply December 24, 2010

[quote=xnguyen]Maybe because it`s not that great.
No offence but, she looks like she`s drowning in her shirt, she has no right arm, her fingers are slightly deformed & overall it`s very messy.[/quote]
The only thing I understand why you're confused is her right arm. Seeing it through this perspective, her right arm is pulled back behind her, making her tilt to the right exposing her armpit i should say. I've used several references while drawing this, and I'm pretty sure this is all in a fair amount of proportion. Since she's also tilted back, her bust goes forward while her neck moves back, hence the whole 'drowning' part. The fingers aren't that bad I should say xD though they do need practice.

I don't see how it's messy, it seems pretty clean to me.

Reply December 22, 2010

[quote=TruffDigger]wow 12 likes and the two ugly looking screens to the left got fackin 100+ likes... When I first looked at the tiny view on the recent screen bar, it looked like "the creation of Adam" painting. This decade, century doesn't appreciate the real artists...[/quote]

If you want to flame other artists, grow a pair and go flame under their screens.
Commenting 2 screens away only makes you a wuss.

Reply December 21, 2010

[quote=iStirgy]Im still laughing. You spelt "who's" wrong.[/quote]
Who's vs Whose is a common difficulty D: I'm not ashamed- a lot of people get them mixed together.
Regardless, if that's the only thing you have to say, you don't need to post here.

Reply December 19, 2010

[quote=TruffDigger]But youcan compare this to music. These frontpaged, 20+like and famous pigs are mainstream + sucks while people like you who gets little recognitions are superb.[/quote]
Thanks, that really means a lot to me Yea, it blows.. but im happy to see that at least one person agrees with me.

[quote=iLoveForHer]I really like this! It's really awesome and I can feel a hint of sexiness involved! >;3[/quote]
Thank you! haha

Reply December 18, 2010 - edited

I really like this! It's really awesome and I can feel a hint of sexiness involved! >;3

Reply December 18, 2010 - edited

[quote=TruffDigger]wow one like for this but those chibi or kawaii picture gets over 10 likes, omg these ppl.[/quote]
tell me about it *headdesk* I thought for sure this would be front page'd... heartbreak </3

Reply December 18, 2010 - edited