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Google Chromebook Question So my old laptop is beginning to act up. I was going to opt for buying a new laptop but almost all retailers want to sell me Win 8, which is rather incompatible with Maplestory. Rather than be hassled by all this I went on a hunt to find a Win 7 laptop only to find out they were more expensive than Win 8 laptops. So then i'm faced with 2 choices. I can pay a mild payment of only $250 for a chrome-book and give it a try since it's layout LOOKS like Win7.. Or i can attempt to buy a Win8 Professional Edition to downgrade to Win 7 Prof. The latter will end up costing more money, and of course time. So my question is this. Has anyone used the Chrome book before? Is it just a laptop version of a tablet or can Maplestory


So 40 percent of maplers are female [url=http://www.forbes.com/sites/johngaudiosi/2012/05/23/nexon-celebrates-seventh-anniversary-of-maplestory-game-with-continued-success/]Oh really now.[/url] Also, on average each mapler pays $22.05 in game. Ha. Oh and this : Last year, NEXON Co., Ltd. reported ¥ 87.61 billion [b]($1.1 billion) in revenues,[/b] an increase of 26 percent over fiscal 2010. As a global company, we experienced growth across all our key metrics and we are forecasting growth in revenue this year as well. MapleStory has been a major success in North America and to see so many players take advantage of the depth and richness of the game and create so many characters stands as testament to our success.


A question about Noble Spirit I read on orangemushroom before that "Mikhail has Blessing of the Empress, and increases it by 1 point per 5 levels. However, he can only get up to level 24 Blessing by level up. He can get to level 30 from 24 by doing quests to level up his Noble Spirit skill." Does that mean you can do arkarium at lv 200 and fight the cygnus version? Or are you forced to fight the real one after 120? The reason i asked is because i wanted to trash my Dawn Warrior aside so that i could just make a mikhail and open up a free spot if it works. I already have Noble Mind at 6, so an added Link skill + decent-ish character is a win imo.

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