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Chaos Scroll - is this cheap?

Hi there
So I got an option to buy a whole bunch of chaos scrolls for 48.8M, should I buy them to resell for later profit? I have a store.

0 December 2, 2010

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Again, Scania prices are much more.
No store goes below 60m.
Either way, I already bought the scrolls for 48m each, I'd still like to know from Scanians if this was a smart move.

Reply December 2, 2010

Even in Bera, they barely make it over 50m.

Reply December 2, 2010

Uh, I meant 48m each one. o.O It's just that his store has a whole bunch. Shoulda been more clear.
Broa isn't an example, Scania is much more expensive.

@DreamStrife dude the store prices are 60m on average. o.O

I'm just making sure before I buy, that there's a profit here.

Reply December 2, 2010

Well how many chaos scrolls is a whole bunch =O We need to know how many but if it's more than 2 it's a good deal cause they can sell 30m each, maybe more I haven't been on for a 2 weeks.

Reply December 2, 2010

"A whole bunch" Please specify, since chaos scrolls in broa are now 30m even though I've seen some sold for 25m 0.o. So with your 48.8m, even if your lucky you can only afford maximum of 2 >.>, UNLESS the guy you buying off is a complete noob.

Reply December 2, 2010