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250m, a store, and you

OK not really you.
So I have about 250m, I got a store and a few things that I've been selling here to there- Scrolls, Zrings, letters..
The most I've made at a single night is 100m but I wanna start getting real profit.
So, what should I merch with? And please give prices of buying and then reselling.
Also, I don't like ripping people off so give more accurate prices to buy from people, less "merchant prices". I realise my profit will go slower but I don't mind.
Thanks in advance.

0 December 2, 2010

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No BWG can be like 10m higher due to it's really high desirability (many people desire it because the colour makes them look "pro&quot. It's not as inflated as SCG though.

Reply December 2, 2010

Also, are the same att wg's worth as much as Bwgs?
Say I have a 10 att wg, no slots. Also a 10 att BWG, no slots. UH both.
Is the BWG the same price? since it had more slots to begin with? is it lower?

Reply December 2, 2010

Like I said I don't wanna scam people, or rip them off.
Any scanians who can give a price to a 10 att wg with a store? Like, what's the highest I can go and it'll still be bought relatively easily?

Reply December 2, 2010

Try getting cheap scrolled pacs from people in the fm. The profit margin is huge if you hook a good deal.

Reply December 2, 2010

Quitting sale.

Reply December 2, 2010