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P/C on Crystal

I'd like to know what's a good price to sell an Advanced Wisdom crystal at a store.
I have put mine for 50m for a while now without anyone buying or offering, today however is the first time I actually LISTED it in my store's name, and my highest offer left so far is 35m.
Now, when I've seen these in stores I've always seen them go for 100m, but I never seen one that sold. So what's the price?
If I could also get a price on Advanced Sapphire (M.att one), Advanced DEX, LUK and Power crystals.
Thank you =)
OK uh as I was writing this someone bought my crystal for 50m. Should I have sold it for more? I don't really regret it as my advanced one chanced upon using the maker and I got from a Wisdom Crystal (10 wisdom crystal ores.. that's 50m for 1m maybe that I spent on those ores)

0 December 10, 2010

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iunno, leave ur advanced wisdom crystal in basil for few days :S

Reply December 11, 2010