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I/L update

So, this forum is really dead (all of Basil is really) and I'm bored, so what did you guys think about our new skill and the change to the way freeze counters work?
if you're not up to date, the counters now decrease as we hit the mobs/bosses, so we need to constantly spam frozen orb now along with CL.

As for the second I/L 5th job skill, I rather like it, though I think it could have been better, but I find it really helps with grinding and general map clearing.

The second Magician 5th job skill, however, is abysmal. (randomly casting any skill from 1st-4th job) The only usage is for Infinity, obviously, but the odds of that are so low.

0 June 26, 2017

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Really sucks when training an IL, but it's fine for bossing. I had trouble keeping up stacks outside of tele and orb.

Bolt Barrage is really, really fun to use in any situation. Really reminded me of using Thunderbolt way back when. Plus it's A LOT better for training versus Kanna's new 5th.

Unstable Memory is a joke. I just disassembled the second I got it. As for Mana Overload, it's only really useful on my main (Kanna) since I have pet pot + constant recovery as long as I kill. Would like it if they added a bit more bang for what it's worth because 10% final damage for a constant MP/HP killer isn't really worthwhile. Only useful on Kanna; just stick to using boost nodes otherwise.

EDIT: And even then, considering Mana Overload doesn't affect summons and our three attacking 5th job skills ARE summons, it's a little iffy.

Reply July 15, 2017 - edited

The counter change is definitely annoying imo. Overall not a super big fan of any of the new stuff

Reply July 15, 2017 - edited

@oriontempest Didn't realise that, good to know. Though I generally like this change, as we're so monotonous in I/L gameplay style, it adds just a little bit.

@sweetbanana Yeah, you can't use it for long in Dojo, you'll eventually run out of MP.
As for Bolt Barrage, it can actually be amazing in Dojo. Get the boss all the way to the side (Needs to be pretty much all the way, drawing in with GC while standing on the edge might not be enough) and you can make short work of him.
But I agree, it's not that great with regular bossing. Anyone check the DPM if we use it instead of just spamming CL?

Reply July 2, 2017 - edited

From my perspective, Mana Overload is manageable most of the time but turned it off for Dojo(idk if Potion Pot still works anymore, been away for about 5 months). Unstable memory is just bleh, I still use it if I wasn't attacking but the rng factor is .

I don't feel that the Freeze Stack change is too bad though since I was able to maintain about 3-5 freeze stacks without overly using Frozen Orb, and the +6% damage buff from Frost Clutch did mitigate it to some degree.

New 5th job is pretty cool, but I felt it was a little situational in practice. Other than mobbing, it's only strong in bossing if there are a couple of platforms or if they are at the corner of the map.

Reply June 29, 2017 - edited

Mana overload is mediocre at best and it drains too much mana for bossing with potion lock. Unstable memory is actual garbage; i don't know why nexon thought that was a good idea.... at least bolt barrage is nice There was a comment about unlearning 1-3 job attack skills to make unstable memory use only 4th job and hypers, but apparently it will still try to use the 1-3 job skills and instead just do nothing lolol

Reply June 28, 2017 - edited

Elquines and the Hyper aura both also inflict freeze stacks now as well, and Thunderstorm doesn't consume them.

Reply June 26, 2017 - edited

Yeah, the other Magician skill is also pretty useless. More useful than the second one, but still, it really is annoying to get 5th job skills which could basically be 2nd-3rd job skills, and even then still not useful.

Reply June 26, 2017 - edited

The two general Mage skills are useless or dangerous, I kind of feel left behind since other jobs like warriors have 2 good general skills. At least I can fall back to Resistance Infantry.

Reply June 26, 2017 - edited