Best world to start fresh? Hello, I started playing ms not too long ago (a little bit before christmas in 2008 - glory to Carnival PQ!). Started in Kradia and eventually quit because I had nobody to play with and I eventually had to move away from it for awhile to focus on life (long story short). So what are some current trending worlds that have an awesome crowd of people and are sociable? :O Also I was thinking about making a Marksman for my new job over there? Or is that too outdated now that there are over 20+ new classes to try out? Will I survive without any fundings? I really do not want to buy nx... (had a bad habit with that when I was playing :x) Thank you for reading!

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Hash Tag I-Am-Maple Update Returns Dear Maplers, Last week our CEO Min asked for your help showcasing the MapleStory audience to the game's developers through a social snapshot. We have had some great entries so far and want to continue finding out more about what you, our audience is passionate about. Those interested in representing our community can do so by using the hashtag #IAMMAPLE in the following ways: INSTAGRAM Post an image of what you feel best represents you. This could be: A selfie A snapshot of your avatar Fan art Something you are passionate about Or anything else Also, include five words that best describe you in the caption. For example, "EDM, Paris, fashion, snowboarding, NYGiants" TWITTER Tweet a photo (per the

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