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Hero 5th job Credit goes to for finding the video and to the creator of the video The link is messed up, make sure to copy and paste the whole thing. According to "Characters can begin the 5th job advancement quests in the Temple of Time at level 200. Collect 3 Arcane Stones from the Maple World's Goddess (given for free), Grandis' Goddess (defeat Magnus, it seems any difficulty will work), and Masteria's Goddess (find the Horizon portal in Fallen World Tree within 5 minutes). Train with the Arcane Stones in your inventory for up to 2 hours to charge them with experience. After you advance, these stones will become Experience Potions that you can use to receive that experience once again. As soon as you've stored as much

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How to upload a picture of your character? Hey everybody! I wanted to update my character, as my level and look on basil was outdated. However, when I deleted my character on basil and remade it, it now comes up without a picture. I noticed you have to upload "an official player pic," with a size of 96x96 and a format of PNG or GIF. So I went to the website and downloaded the picture of my character off the rankings, and what do you know, it's already 96x96 and a png. So I tried to upload it, but I got the error message saying "You can only use an official player pic (a 96x96 GIF or PNG)." Strange, but ok. So I went to a PNG to GIF converter, and uploaded my image. It came out perfectly as 96x96. Once again, I got the er


Is selling and buying NX in game now allowed? As many of you probably have seen, nexon is making changes to its legal policies. After reviewing the different parts, (can be viewed here:) I didn't find anything about the inability to sell NX. The only thing that I found that was related, was: "You will not exploit our games or interactive services for any commercial purpose, including selling of accounts, NX or in-game items, the provision of "power leveling" services, etc." While the wording may seem confusing, Nexon states "for any commercial purpose," I believe implying real life currency. Thoughts? Opinions? Anything I missed?

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For all of you that don't keep up with kms For all of you that don't keep up with KMS, here are all the recent changes that have been coming to Heroes. These changes take place between Reboot(Which we're getting on December 2nd) and the most recent KMS patch, which is coming on December 3rd for KMS. Seems like heroes are getting some really nice changes, and our hps is going to go up like crazy :) Here are all the changes summed up. Iron Body -- Duration decreased from 300s. to 200s. Weapon Mastery -- Weapon mastery now gives 5% damage if you're equipping an Axe. 10% final damage boost passive has been added. Rage -- Duration increased from 180s to 200s, cast delay decreased from 1920ms to 1080 ms. Weapon Booster -- Duration increased from

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