No red mob spawn?

It has been 3 hours after the latest server check but it seems that they did not spawn..?
Has anyone seen one yet today?

November 21, 2013

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the time stops then goes on after SC they dont spawn 3hrs after the sc

Reply November 21, 2013

12 keys so far

Reply November 21, 2013

idk i found few red monsters back when event started seemed like you had to be on map for them to spawn

and seemed like at spawn time it gives people 10mins then stops spawning them most unused maps dont have the red mobs on them at all unless its around the spawn time... but idk

if you want signs of people not being on the map... i will give you a good one that adds to fact i may be right about this
i have ran into about 10~15 Rare monsters on unused red monster listed maps while trying to get a few red keys so i dont have to hunt them every day...

Reply November 21, 2013

Maybe exactly right before the severs went up, every single monster is killed "reset". So maybe the next respawn is 3 hours from whenever the game went up.

Reply November 21, 2013

i havent been finding red mobs lately as well

Reply November 21, 2013