Azwan bugged?

Since the v.143 patch I haven't been able to get into Azwan in either one of the four modes.
It keeps saying that the maps are full and that I have to wait.
Anyone else experiencing this?

P.S. I need to get into Azwan for the free 45-50 levels from ToT

December 6, 2013

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Just don't do the Azwan one. Level up to 46 and you won't have to do it, but you'll still be able to jump right to 50 or 51 or whatever it is.

Reply December 6, 2013

@Instinct I wouldn't even bother with Azwan if you didn't need it for the Tot free levels, but you unfortunately do ._.

Reply December 6, 2013

@Amurtiger224 That's awesome, my tot keeps saying that I have to get into the battlefield which is 'locked'.

@Instinct I did the quest which Tot said I had to do, now the last part of that quest is to enter the battlefield of Azwan meaning I actually DO need to go in.

@Laodude5 Yeah I guess I'll just level up once more ._.

Reply December 6, 2013

Same problem. Just get to 46 then use ToT.

Reply December 6, 2013

I've had the same problem, but apparently you don't actually need to get into it... I'm not sure what I did but I fooled around Azwan, getting angry at it, and then checked my Tot's know-how and it was done.

Reply December 6, 2013