Inkwell store still there

For the people out there that don't know yet.
You can still trade in Maple leaves for 8th anniversary coins, most people already know this BUT people have been saying that Inkwell is gone.
However Inkwell is still there, but not in every town. Pantheon for example still has the Inkwell NPC selling anniversary items.
So grab your chance to buy a job specific masterybook on your DA for only around 70m (people selling maple leaves for around 10k ea now).

July 24, 2013

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Inkwell is located at the left portal of Pantheon.
You can access Pantheon through the giant dimensional portal at six cross way (leave sleepywood and walk up).

Reply July 24, 2013

Coin stores always stay for a week or two for people who didn't get to trade their coins in on time. However, I don't think Cassandra trades coins for leaves anymore.

Reply July 24, 2013

Why would they have rollback because crashes? o.O

Reply July 24, 2013

How are you going to get the coins though?

Cassandra doesn't trade in

Reply July 24, 2013

It's because of all the crashes going on, I hope they don't rollback though.
I already finished 2 daily ring upgrades </3

Reply July 24, 2013

Woah... Maybe they crashed the servers for 2 hour maintenance just to get rid of Inkwell!

Reply July 24, 2013