Hi, I'm considering making a bossing series where I'll solo 'any' boss on one of the following characters
- Wind Archer
- Mercedes
- Blaze Wizard
- Dawn Warrior
- Shade
- Thunder Breaker?

I will decrease my range to the lowest possible to showcase what the minimum required range/%boss/control is needed for requested bosses.
If there are enough people wanting those videos and comment which boss/character they want to see, I'll gladly make it.
Consider this project my last Maplestory series

Currently working on Wind Archer chaos vellum&Hard Magnus and Mercedes everything since I have yet to show any gameplay of my Merc!

September 29, 2015

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[quote=ronp123]I would like to see the equip stats on the blaze wiz please.[/quote]

The equips I used are the same as the ones shown in my last BW equip video! I just unequipped my tyrants and some others.

Reply September 30, 2015

Voting for TB too.

Reply September 30, 2015

I really want to see Mercedes bossing videos from you <3 Please show us

Reply September 29, 2015

I would like to see the equip stats on the blaze wiz please.

Reply September 29, 2015

[quote=wall]I'd love to see some thunder breaker videos, I'm considering putting a bit of my gear back on it once my shade hits 250. hard mage/vellum would be really cool to see [/quote]

Going to put that on hold since my TB is only lvl 160 Kappa

Reply September 29, 2015