Empress Beast Tamer question

So I realized now as I'm looking at the set effect with Empress - Does anyone know (I'll be finding out in 20 levels anyways..) if the 5 set effect of '+2 skill levels' effects all of Beast Tamer's skills? And if so, if it contributes to the added points in that branch?

January 25, 2014

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my assumption would be either
1. it doesn't work for BT at all (unlikely)
2. it does boost everything by 2 (but not past max like always) but won't be counted in the Animal SP count just like skills that require a prerequisite skill having X SP invested must have actual SP invested in it (so if a skill needs another skill at 10, 8+2 will not work)

Reply January 25, 2014

Oh wow... Didn't think about that, seems like that would be very useful. That and leafre deck

Reply January 25, 2014

I don't know why it wouldn't effect all skills

Reply January 25, 2014