Them Wisdom Teeths

So I have 3 wisdom teeth growing in (They're lots of fun while playing French horn. I'm in the wind ensemble, meaning I've got a bunch of high notes, causing pressure with them.), and have a couple questions.
So my jaw is decently large, I still have a half of an inch of space in the back where my wisdom teeth could grow into. Does anyone else have a larger jaw so that they don't have to get their wisdoms extracted? Does it feel any different with them? Would you recommend pulling them instead of leaving them in, and why?

October 28, 2013

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Reach far back in your mouth to clean them well.

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They're usually pulled because they screw up all those years of orthodontics. Usually your dentist/orthodontist will tell you if your's need to be pulled. And if in the off chance you're a skeptic, they usually show you the xray as well.

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l'd get them pulled on the off chance that you're overestimating how much space is there. lf there isn't enough, there's a possibility that you could need braces and that will probably cost more than the extraction so it's better to be safe than sorry. Plus they're useless.

[url=] Do you really want to allow this little prick to dwell in your mouth? [/url]

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