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So I've been playing my Kanna (Male if it matters) and he shouts out when using Shikigami Haunting and Haku Reborn. Does anyone know what he's saying? I've been trying to catch it but other sound effects get in the way. All I hear is that the second word sounds the same for both, and the first for Haku Reborn is "Haku"

February 28, 2013

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Wow, you're awesome I was just about to upload a video with the skills for you to say them. Thanks!

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During burning shikigami hunting he says "Im not your mommy."

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I hopped on my Kanna on JMS. I don't know if the male Kanna dialog is anywhere near the same, but, these are what I hear :

Shisen Byakko : "Youko Hakugen! (å¦-狐白幻)" (Haku's full name)
Chikou Yore : "Chikou Yore (è¿'ã� 寄ã‚�')" (The name of the skill)
Naho Chikou Yore : "Naho Chikou Yore (なほè¿'ã� 寄ã‚�')" (The name of the skill)
Enhou Haku : "Haku! Maire! (ã�'ã‚¯ï¼å‚ã‚�'!)" ("Haku! Come!&quot
Shisen Gyouha - En : "Hai to naru! (灰となる)" ("Turn to ash!&quot
Shikigami Enbu : "Haze! (� �")" ("Explode!&quot
Shisen Gyouha - Rei : "Itetsuki! (凍て付き)" ("Freeze!&quot
Soko e Naore : "Soko e naore! (そã"へ直ã‚�'!) (the name of the skill)
Kishin Shoukan : "Ideyo! ("出よ!&quot ("Come forth!&quot

I can't do 4th job skills, sorry. My Kanna is only level 100 and my Kanna was screwed out of the initial 4th job SP that I was supposed to get. @_@

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I wanna scream, and shout, and let it all out

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He says: "Itai oniiii-chan"

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I haven't heard male Kanna at all and I don't want to grind up one, but if you're willing to record a video of it or something, I can try listening and hearing what it says.

From my time in JMS, all I remember are the early skills (for female Kanna, of course). "Youko Hakugen!" (Haku's full name) during the beginner ultimate, "Chikou Yore" (the name of the 1st job skill that pulls in mobs), and "Naho Chikou Yore" (the name of the 2nd job skill that pulls in mobs).

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Apparently it DOES matter that it's male, it sounds nothing like kimochi.

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