How is this more convenient?

So I just realized recently how inconvenient it is for people to be telling their %'s when they're explaining how much damage they deal or their range.
Why don't we use how much of the actual skill we have?
Sure, we could end up explaining further that we have a certain amount of %'s of that skill, for approximations on how much they'd need to get that high.

For example: "My range is 32k-43k. I have 50% INT."

Well what's that tell us? That at some point, 50% INT could get you up to there. It doesn't even include how much added int you have with your stuff (I sure know Empress could get you a nice amount.) or link skills. It'd make much more sense to have it something like this:

"My range is 32k-43k. I have 2,100 INT (With 50% INT)."

It's much more reader-friendly to find out what's required to get up to there.

(Just as a precaution of knowing someone out there's gonna say "But what about the Magic Attack, idiot? That plays a major role!", this thread's just about the inconvenience of using only %'s to say your range.)

[b]TL;DR,[/b] Why tell your %'s when total stats tell more?

September 10, 2013

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[quote=FlamyHeavens]I wish stat window gave us more info [/quote]

Statistics make me feel empowered.

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I wish stat window gave us more info

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Less typing

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